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util.c File Reference


char* alloca ()
RETSIGTYPE signalHandler (int sig)
 Signal handler to set shutdown flag. More...

char* ip2str (u_int32 ip)
 Gets the string representation of a given IP address. More...

void executeCmd (char *cmd,...)
 Executes a system command with the given parameters. More...

pid_t daemonize ()
 Make the current process a daemon. More...

void setSignals (int *fShutdown)
 Catches SIGTERM and SIGINT. More...


int* fShutdownp = NULL
 Pointer to the shutdown flag.

Function Documentation

char* alloca ( )

pid_t daemonize ( )

Make the current process a daemon.

Forks off and closes all files.

0 on the daemon, pid on the parent (which exists) and -1 on error.

void executeCmd ( char * cmd,
... )

Executes a system command with the given parameters.

This function is just a wrapper arround fork/execv that forks and executes the given command. The full path to the command is <libexecdir>/wccpd/cmd. It will wait for the command to complete before it returns.

The variable length char* parameter list must be NULL terminated, and must not exceed MAX_CMDEXEC_ARGS parameters (not including neither the command name nor the trailing NULL).

cmd   the command to execute.

char * ip2str ( u_int32 ip )

Gets the string representation of a given IP address.

This function uses a statically allocated buffer, thus each call overwrites the previous call's result.

ip   the IP address to convert, in Network Byte Order.
the quad-dot notation string of the given ip.

void setSignals ( int * fShutdown )


Each time one of the signals is received, the integer pointed to by fShutdown is incremented.

fShutdown   a pointer to an integer to be incremented.

RETSIGTYPE signalHandler ( int sig ) [static]

Signal handler to set shutdown flag.

This signal handler just increments the variable pointed by fShutdownp, if non-NULL.

sig   the signal that was triggered.

Variable Documentation

int* fShutdownp = NULL [static]

Pointer to the shutdown flag.

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