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WCCP1_I_SEE_YOU_MSG Struct Reference

The WCCP version 1 I SEE YOU message structure. More...

#include <wccpv1_proto.h>

List of all members.

Public Attributes

u_int32 type
 Type. More...

u_int32 version
 Protocol Version. More...

u_int32 chgnbr
 Change Number. More...

u_int32 rid
 Received Id.

u_int32 wccount
 Number of WCs entries to follow.

Detailed Description

The WCCP version 1 I SEE YOU message structure.

This base structure is followed by 0..wccount WCCP1_I_SEE_YOU_WC_ENTRY structures.

Member Data Documentation

u_int32 WCCP1_I_SEE_YOU_MSG::chgnbr

Change Number.

(incremented when a usable cache changes)

u_int32 WCCP1_I_SEE_YOU_MSG::rid

Received Id.

u_int32 WCCP1_I_SEE_YOU_MSG::type



u_int32 WCCP1_I_SEE_YOU_MSG::version

Protocol Version.


u_int32 WCCP1_I_SEE_YOU_MSG::wccount

Number of WCs entries to follow.

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